Intro To Tayefeh Fitness

Intro To Tayefeh Fitness

Hi everyone!! This is my first blog post to my new fitness and personal training site – Yes, I know very creative name 😊

When I first decided to start training I found the fitness world to be flooded with misinformation, trends and people trying to sell something. It was difficult to sort through what works and what is just an instagram trend.  So, I started applying the scientific method to see what would hold up and test it on myself and …. eventually on some of my clients.

The site will feature new articles weekly that will range from nutrition, training methods, exercises, and general fitness tips.

I have developed a free 12-week lean muscle building program that covers all your daily workouts, nutrition and customized macros for your body type.  This program is completely free and is perfect for anyone beginner/advanced or male/female. The program will be available in January on the website, so you can kick off 2019 with a fresh start.

If you have any questions or requests for topics, please hit me up via email or any of my socials!

Bryan Tayefeh

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